• List 5: Rare Books 1477 - 1938

    Rare books in a wide variety of fields, dating from 1477 to 1938.

  • List 4: 25 Rare Books and Manuscripts 1472 - 1939

    25 rare books and manuscripts selected for their particular rarity and significance. The catalogue includes items in a wide variety of fields, presented in chronological order from 1472 to 1939.

  • List 3: The Candide Conspiracy

    Including the first edition of Candide and its three clandestine replicas, this catalogue explores the two hundred year search for the true first of Voltaire's incendiary novel, and the cryptic 18th century world of forbidden printing.

  • List 2: Voyages, Travel, Natural History 1512 - 1863

    10 items dating from 1512 to 1863. Voyages and travels to the Americas, Africa, and Asia. Early circumnavigations of the earth. 19th century travel and the origin of species.

  • List 1: Literature 1495 - 1920

    17 items dating from 1495 to 1920. First and early editions of important works of English, French, Italian, and German literature. Rare Shakespeare source texts.